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The MEGA link for the Windows version no longer works. The file was removed.

this had a great start but at the mid point it started to introduce some things that never really  went anywhere and the ending felt way to rushed so the beginning was great but after that it just lost it because it felt like i said way to rushed

10 with Lady Death         which path to choose to get to her or please make a walkthrough 

Touch her face when you ask her if she feel things.

bro which path leads to direct become king   i tried many but ended up as queens hand in end   please tell me bro 


really good game, with lots of choises wich leads to a lot of different paths and sexual partner but the best part is that the game is 100% FREE. Im on window and the only litle bug that I had was that sometimes the voice over wouldnt play.

The Android version downloads as a .rar file instead of an apk

Try again.

It's working now (probably was shortly after you replied, but life is a bitch and keeps everything full of fuckery)

I came across a problem for android. I denied helping the orc and i yelled and screamed getting the drow killed. When i seduce beatrice in the castle the maid comes in afterwards and no matter what is chosen it repeats on the maid entering, making it unable to move foward.


Try a different route, like helping the orc. You can ignore her afterwards if you so wish.

Are you planning to update this one soon? I really liked what is there so far and would like to see more

This month.

AWESOME thanks